Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What do Rowan Atkinson's MacLaren F1 and Bernanke's Equity Rally have in common? I'll give you one guess.

Whoa, I guess I was more right than I thought with my article about how yesterdays rally might be short lived. This was on account of a renewed speculative attack in the Eurozone this time focused on France. I hope to publish on this sometime before midnight tonight. Sorry for the brevity, this is an interim post.

Forthcoming Post: The Return of the Bond Vigilantes

Thank you friend reader for your unseen but ever-felt presence.


Anonymous said...

Get ready for the short selling bans ... Did those work a few years ago the first time around?

Anonymous said...

Have you gone soft or lazy? KennyWTF ? it has been a week, which is like a year in this volatile market.. Between the deal with finland and greece and today's philly fed, you should be writing tons oe shall i say tomes of new material.. I am not telling you how to do you blog.. but, if you charged money to read it and I was a member.. I would keep my receipt..

Dan Martineau said...

They worked if the aim was to shoot the messenger.

Ken said...

Sorry, I was on vacation. As I'm sure you're aware this is free but if you'd like to pay, I'd be happy to be more consistent.