Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You want me to give you some design tips and let you use my name? OK but I gotta get paid in advance.

Dubai is trying to conjure up the old magic. Apparently the Ruler of Dubai has offered Victoria Beckham $25 million to give her name and her taste to a new hotel being built on a collection of islands in the shape of the world. Not a bad move for Dubai, it gets the financial crisis off the front page and if you already owe $80 billion what's $25 million more? Especially if it brings Posh Spice to town to fill up a few more hotel rooms. Personally $25 million sounds like a pretty good deal for Mrs. Beckham as well. If I were her though, I'd demand cash. Otherwise she might wind up with non-existent desert islands like the Nakheel II and Nakheel III sukuk holders, or else she might have to get in line behind the Japanese consortium that built the Dubai Metro. And under no circumstances whatsoever should she take shares of Damas.


Ibrahim Khalil said...

after reading this news, would I be right in presuming that Dubai still hasn't learnt any lesson from the whole financial crisis

enough with the real estate hoopla.. its time to build some real infrastructure and set our priorities right

Anonymous said...


To Bee or not to Bee

Q80 said...

@anon: this is like what we commonly refer to here as "film hindi"

Anonymous said...

Maybe the big boys can invite Rebecca Loos over, surely she can spin some design


When Beckham's celebrity wife Posh would not live with him in Madrid, Loos claims she served as his "alternate wife" -- she ate dinner with his family, snogged him when he needed it, and performed whatever duties one would expect from an alternate wife. To his family Loos was more wholesome -- boy were they wrong.